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Appraisal Review Board Members are appointed by the local administrative judge under Subchapter D, Chapter 74, Government Code, in Hays County. Each member can serve two year terms up to a total of six years. ARB members meet on scheduled days and have one full day of training that is required. ARB members are appointed and sworn in on the first meeting in January.

Some of the duties of the ARB are:

  • to determine protests initiated by property owners
  • determine challenges initiated by taxing units
  • correct clerical errors in the appraisal records and the appraisal rolls
  • act on motions to correct appraisal rolls under section 25.25
  • determine whether an exemption or a partial exemption is improperly granted or denied and whether land is improperly granted or denied a special-use appraisal
  • take any other action or make any other determination that this title specifically authorizes or requires

The board may not review or reject an agreement between a property owner or the owner’s agent and the chief appraiser under section 1.111(e) of the Property Tax Code and Remedies.

To submit an Appraisal Review Board Survey (form50-823) to the Texas Comptroller about your protest hearing experience you can do so by going here

ARB Panel Members

Member NameDesignation
Roselyn (Rosie) MorrisChairman
Trudy Hayter 
Julia MorrisSecretary
Delane Bailey-Lopez 
John Ambrose 
Jeffrey Watkins 
Patricia Gilbert 
Fred Poston 
Ben Broughton 
John McGee 

Hays County Appraisal Review Board Seeks Applicants

The Taxpayer Liaison Officer for the Hays Central Appraisal District is accepting applications for consideration from candidates seeking appointment as Appraisal Review Board (ARB) members.  Service on the ARB will begin soon for the 2023-2024 term. Applications are available online at or at the Hays Central Appraisal District office at 21001 North IH 35 Kyle, Texas, or by calling 512-268-2522. The primary responsibility of the ARB is to weigh evidence and provide resolution of matters relating to appraisal, exemptions and challenges that cannot be resolved informally with the Appraisal District.

Individuals seeking appointment must be a resident of Hays County for at least two years and be current on property tax payments. ARB Members may serve all or part of three consecutive terms.  An ARB member must be available for hearings at the Appraisal District Office in Kyle. Meeting frequency varies depending on the time of the year.  ARB members do not work for the Appraisal District, nor does the appointment constitute a full-time job, but members are compensated when conducting hearings.

Applications must be submitted to:

HCAD Taxpayer Liaison Officer

Hays Central Appraisal District

21001 North IH 35

Kyle, Texas 78640

Or:  [email protected]

Upon receipt of applications, the Taxpayer Liaison Officer will forward the applications to the Local Administrative District Judge where consideration and selection of appointees will commence.

ARB Member Application